The Bone Scatterer Miracles : Season 1 Episode 5

ABC (US) 1h


Watch Miracles : Season 1 Episode 5 | The Bone Scatterer Full Episode

SQ receives an anonymous call from a terrified man who claims that his gruesome dreams in which people are violently killed are becoming a reality. Paul, Keel and Evelyn follow the trail to the small town of Red Deer, Michigan, where three people have been recently murdered. While looking into the case, they are approached by a shy, frightened high school boy, Travis Prescott, the son of the local Sheriff. Travis tells them he is the one who called. He feels somehow responsible for the deaths and claims that he needs to be stopped before someone else dies. Paul decides to stay with Travis overnight and watch him to ensure that he is not actually responsible. Before he falls asleep Travis tells Paul about his best friend, Jimmy who lives in a nearby town. The next morning Travis claims that he has killed again, but Paul attests to the fact that Travis never left his sight. Meanwhile, Keel learns of the local Indian legend of the Bone Scatterer. Tribal belief held that twins were conside

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